We Are The Hunger Games


Okay, so not exactly.

We don’t force our people into coal mines (department stores) to mine for coal (make money) for the people of The Capitol (capitalism). We don’t sedate our people by sending them to The Hunger Games (sports teams) so that we have someone to live vicariously through so that we don’t get around to causing an uprising (actually doing something that matters). We don’t play nice with our competition before we kill them (take advantage of them). We don’t dye our hair blue and red and have nicely trimmed beards and liposuctions and vomit so that we can eat more delicious food. Oh, wait. We do.

I had been meaning to read The Hunger Games for a while, but only got around to it this week. It’s amazing, because although it doesn’t describe the world we live in at all, it completely describes the world that we live in.

Doesn’t it?

By exaggerating some of our dirtier qualities and giving them a name, Suzanne Collins shows us ourselves. And I think that’s why we are rooting for Katniss and Peeta to break the system, to rebel against the Capitol, to fight against the status quo. Because deep inside, we know that we need to similarly break out of the mold that has been cast on us.

So, let’s slide under the electric fence, grab our bow and our arrows from the hollow log, and get a little rowdy.


2 thoughts on “We Are The Hunger Games

  1. Your review reminds me alot of what I had to say in mine, in October of last year. I totally agree with you, and as I had said in my review “Often good books, such as The Hunger Games, are a reflection of the society. This book does just that. It reflects OUR culture as North Americans. Panem exhibits similar traits to the current North America that stands today. Both present a culture that promotes violence via live tv. Look at today’s reality tv such as boxing, cage fighting, and the like. We watch these people (athletes) cause eachother harm, while they gain sponsorship and others wage bets on who will win and who will lose… Sounds just like Collins’ Panem. … I appreciate your review, and look forward to your take on the movie that was just released.

    • Thanks a lot! I don’t know that I’ll write anything comparing the movie to the book because I’m not much of a critic, but I might add the occasional comment to your blog. 🙂

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